NCLEX Exam Questions and Answers


How do you exactly answer or deal with such a difficult exam as the NCLEX? 


Fortunately, there is one company that is ingenious enough to design study guides specifically for NCLEX. This exam tests the competencies of nursing graduates who are aspiring to practice their profession in the 50 states of the US including the District of Columbia and other US territories.  With that in mind, knowing the format or test types is fundamental to successfully hurdle the NCLEX. 


Generally speaking, exams in the NCLEX are given through a computerized adaptive testing (CAT) format and are administered by Pearson VUE.  These test items have been developed with the aid of practicing nursing, educators and regulators in the field.  Most of the contents of the exam are based on a triennial practice analysis.


Here’s the trick.  While the NCLEX traditionally contains mostly multiple-choice questions, the board has decided to include types of exams that require enumerating certain body parts and computations for drug dosages.


The contents of the exam depend on the needs of the client.  These are: Safe Effective Care Management (two topics are under this, namely Management of Care, and Safety and Infection Control), Health Promotion and Maintenance, Psychosocial Integrity, and Physiological Integrity.


The minimum test can last up 75 items consisting of 60 operational tests and 15 pretests. The maximum for the NCLEX-RN test consists of 265 with 250 operational tests and 15 pretests as well.  You have six hours to hurdle this test.  With the use of study guides and condensed notes, you can be sure to not only answer the NCLEX questions on time but be confident about your answers as well.


As long as you’re well prepared for the exams, there’s a high probability that you’ll finish answering all the questions within the given time and be assured that you gave the best answer to everything. There’s not much need of a worry to count your odds on passing.  Passing the NCLEX, like any other stringent exam, is based on the level of difficulty of questions. A quite difficult question has odds of 50-50 and most of the time, only 50% of the examinees manage to answer that question.


The NCLEX is mostly a power test in contrast to a pure speed test. The latter demands that takers answer relatively easier questions but are under time constraint. The NCLEX will test not only your speed but also your ability to analyze each question and spot the best answer among the choices. This can be stressful even just to think of. To mitigate the stress and increase your level of confidence during the big day, it’s best to arrive at the venue 30 minutes before the scheduled examination. If you arrive 30 minutes late, you suffer the risk of forfeiting your NCLEX examination appointment.  Candidates are also required to present their Authorization to Test (ATT) form in English and a picture as well (no baby pictures please).


If you are not quite ready for the NCLEX, you can just rely on the odds of passing based on where you came from. If you are a US-educated baccalaureate holder, you have 86.9% of passing.  It’s a 53.3% for international counterparts.  With these stats in mind, you’ll surely increase your chances by getting yourself the best NCLEX review materials that you could find.

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